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Kink: Death Part III

Happily Ever After Part III

The weeks flew by much too quickly. Henry began to long for the periods where time seemed to be at a complete standstill, creeping by as slowly as possible. The impending marriage between Scorpius and Alize was announced officially and a ball was held in their honor. Alize looked enchanting in her gown as Scorpius twirled her around and around all night. But there was something missing from her smile. There was no time for Henry and Alize to speak at all during the rehearsal and the dinner that followed. He was forced to sit at the back of the room and watch Alize pretend she was enjoying herself.

On the night before her wedding, Alize sat on the edge of the bed in her nightgown, staring at him silently. The room was dark except for the moonlight filtering through the window that made her pale skin seem even whiter.
He fought to keep the tears from his eyes. “I…suppose this will be the last night I’m allowed in your bed…”
She looked down at the hands folded in her lap. “Henry,” she whispered after a moment, not looking up at him. “Henry I want…I want you to…make love to me.”
“I…I can’t Alize…It’s impossible…”
“I know…I know you can’t touch me and I can’t touch you, but…” Her hands balled into fists in the skirt of her nightgown. “But I can touch myself…and you can show me…tell me what to do…” She licked her lips and looked up at him finally, her eyes shy, her cheeks flushed pink. “Please…I don’t want to marry him feeling like I never got the chance to be with you…”
He blushed, gulping. “I…I really want to…” he whispered.
“I love you, Henry.”
“I love you too.” He sat beside her on the bed, biting his lip.
She turned to face him, smoothing her dress down nervously. “Tell me…what to do…”
He nodded, stroking his fingers over hers. “I want to see you…all of you…”
With a blush still filling her cheeks she reached up and tugged the ribbon holding her dress closed loose, allowing the material to fall down her arms and bare her breasts. He felt his erection stirring; for the first time since his death he could feel… He reached forward, cupping her breast and wishing, praying he could feel that softness. Her body shivered at the contact and her nipples pebbled into hard peaks.
“You’re so beautiful, Alize…” He kissed her neck, slowly removing his own clothes. “So perfect.”
She blushed as her eyes traveled over his body and then she looked away, pushing her dress the rest of the way off.
He moaned, tracing his hand over her body. “I…I don’t know how this will work…”
She maneuvered herself to the middle of the bed and laid down against her pillows, looking up at him slowly, shyly. “Tell me how to touch myself…how you would touch me…” she murmured.
He lay beside her, drawing his tongue over her nipple. He could almost taste her… His hand trailed between her legs. “Just…d-do what I do…” he whispered.
Shivering again, she followed his lead. Pale fingers plucked at a pink nipple as her other hand dipped between her thighs. He hoped he wasn’t imagining that he felt the wetness gathering on his fingers as he stroked her slowly. The sight of her touching herself…for him…was so amazing, enticing…As he watched, her breathing became more and more labored and the flush of her cheeks spread to the rest of her body. A soft moan fell from her parted lips as she looked up at him, green eyes dark and heavy lidded.
“That’s it…Just like that…” he breathed, his voice husky as he pushed his finger inside of her.
She yelped a little and shivered again but soon her finger was joining his.
“Good…?” he whispered, pressing a kiss to her lips.
“Y-Yes…” Her voice was a hoarse whisper.
He crooked his finger inside of her, stroking. “Are you ready for another…?”
“I…I think so…”
He licked his lips as he added another finger, pressing both in and out slowly.
“Cold,” she whispered as she worked her own finger in beside his.
“I’m sorry…” He sat up, watching her.
“It’s okay…Feels good…”
He moved his fingers against her, meeting her gaze. “I…I love you…”
“I love you too, Henry.” Her hips shifted against the mattress, pressing herself onto their fingers and she moaned at the sensations that overwhelmed her. The heat against her fingers and the chill that filled her from the inside out.
He kissed her hip softly, curling his other hand around himself.
“Henry,” she whimpered.
“I’d do anything for you, Alize…”
“I wish I could…I could feel you inside me…”
“So do I…God…So much…”
“I want more.”
He bit his lip, working another finger into her. She groaned as she followed his example, stretching herself open with her fingers.
“Is that enough?” he breathed, stroking himself.
“Yes,” she panted, squeezing her eyes shut. “But I wish you could touch me everywhere.”
“I want you to feel good…I want this to be perfect for you…” He slipped his fingers out, moving on top of her.
She looked up at him through her lashes, her cheeks stained a beautiful rose color. “What’re you doing?”
“I…I’m…I want to at least imagine I can feel you around me,” he whispered, stroking her cheek.
“Oh…O-Okay…” She pulled her fingers from her body slowly, resting her hands on her chest as she watched him expectantly.
He bit his lip as he slowly pressed inside of her as he held her gaze.
“Oh..G-God…” she whimpered, her head falling back. She spread her legs wider around him and delved her hand between them, stroking herself slowly.
“Can you feel anything…?” he mumbled, watching her as he moved.
“Y-Yes…It feels…It feels so strange…but so good…”
“You will always be mine,” he whispered. “I don’t care what anyone else thinks. You’re mine.
“Yes…” She licked her lips and moaned. “Yes, I know. Henry…”
He moved against her rhythmically, moaning. It wasn’t the same as actually feeling her body wrapped around his, but he could almost feel the heat of her, the moisture, the tightness of her body. And it felt good, so good…It felt almost real. He moved faster, moaning her name as their hips moved together. This was so impossible… And a year ago he would’ve said it was impossible for a ghost to fall in love. But here he was…taking what little pleasure he could from a hopeless situation.
Alize’s fingers moved faster on her clit as his hips pumped into her. She certainly seemed to be enjoying herself, if her panted moans and needy gasps were any indication.
He kissed her, his tongue dipping into her open mouth.
“Henry!” she cried, gasping for breath.
“I…I’m going to…c-come, Alize…” he whispered. It was the strangest feeling…but so damn good…
“I’ll be with you.” Her thighs trembled around his hips. “Oh please, Henry…”
He jerked, crying her name as he felt his orgasm overtake him. In that moment he’d never felt so alive. He was only distantly aware of her own cry of pleasure, of the way her body trembled and shook. When he came back to himself, she was panting harder than ever and her eyes gazed up into his almost drunkenly.
Henry lay his head beside hers, blinking back tears.
“I love you,” Alize whispered into his ear.
“I love you too…” He kissed her cheek, trying not to think of what had to happen tomorrow.
“Will you hold me tonight?”
“I won’t let you go.”
Her lips brushed across his. “You were my first.”
“I know. I’m sorry it couldn’t be any better…You deserve so much I can’t give you…”
“It was perfect, Henry. Perfect.”
“You need to sleep now…You have to be well-rested…for tomorrow…”
“What if I don’t want to sleep?” she whispered, looking up at him. “What if I want to spend the whole night loving you?”
“Alize…we can’t,” he whispered weakly.
“I just don’t want to miss a single second of what I have left…Don’t make me sleep…not yet.”
“You’ll be in his bed tomorrow night…” he mumbled.
“Exactly. There will be plenty of time to sleep then,” she said with a weak smile.
He lay beside her, the tears spilling down his cheeks. “I don’t want to waste the chance we have either…”
Pulling the blanket up over her naked body, Alize shifted so she was facing him, just inches away. “Then keep me awake, Henry. Let’s enjoy the time we have left.”
He smiled through the tears as he pressed closer to her, his arms around her. “I’ll spend the rest of eternity loving you, Alize.”

To be continued...

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