Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kink: Power Issues

Kink used: Power issues (inequities in beauty, rank, or class; power games; BDSM; power reversals; sheikhs, sultans, princes, and other royal figures; teacher/student pairings; magical powers; abuse of power; blackmail; romantic slavery; liege/lord pairings; issues of respect; sexual scenarios such as a dominant character giving his partner to others to use, or a character kneeling beneath a desk and blowing someone who's on the phone)
Characters selected:OMC: Cynder Cyan  / OFC: Nymphadora Astrid Black (Sirius Black's daughter with an OFC)
Title: Telephone
Rating: NC-17


The phone went off, buzzing loudly in the otherwise quiet room. Cynder Cyan looked up at the noise, absently trailing his hand down his wife’s spine, admiring the view with a smirk. He stood up, taking a moment to look down at his handy work. Nymphadora Astrid Black was on her hands and knees on the floor, her hands and legs bound together at wrists and ankles, her ass up in the air. She looked up at him through her black hair, her blue green eyes challenging him in ways her mouth, preoccupied with a gag, could not. He smirked again, taking a second to trail his fingers across her naked ass then lower before he moved to pick up the phone. He glanced down at the caller ID and his smirk widened. Silently he knelt beside his wife and, all at once, pulled the gag out, pressed the “answer” button on the phone, and pressed it to her ear.
“It’s your mother,” he whispered, licking her neck.
She glared up at him. “Hey, mom…yeah everything is fine here.”
“Don’t hang up,” he ordered. “Not until she wants to.” Grinning, he continued caressing her body.
She shivered. “Oh…Dad wants to talk to me? About what? Of course we’re being safe…”
Cynder came helped her move her hands so she could hold the phone herself. Then, while he had her attention, he raised one finger to his lips and whispered a soft “Shh”.
She smiled up at him sweetly, her gaze challenging. “Sorry, Cynder was talking…Yeah, he’s fine…he can’t come to the phone right now.”
Without warning, Cynder’s hand came down hard on her bottom, a loud “thwack” sound resounding through the room.
She muffled a surprised gasp. “That? Nothing…Just tripped again…No I’m fine…Really.”
Cynder was smirking as he repeated the action, harder this time, enough to really sting.
She bit down hard on her lip. “I swear there’s no baby on the way…” Her voice was just a bit breathless.
“Mm,” Cynder whispered, ghosting his hands across her bottom. “I like making you red all over.”
She had to suppress a moan. “Ev-everyone but us…Draco and Nate haven’t had any kids…”
Both hands landed on her this time, making her body jerk against the force.
“N-neither do we.” There was definitely a hint of a gasp in her words.
He chuckled a bit and leaned over, sweeping her hair off her shoulder so he could whisper in her free ear, swirling his tongue around the lobe, “You’re really getting turned on by this aren’t you, you freak?” He slid his hand down between her legs, circling one finger around her entrance. “You’re so wet already.”
She made a small choking sound. “Just…a little cough…I’ll be fine…”
Cynder plunged one finger inside her, sliding it easily in and out of her body.
“Oof…N-nothing…table appeared out of n-nowhere…”
Cynder chuckled wickedly as he pressed a second finger inside her.
She pushed back against him, licking her lip. “Mmhm…Oh…Hello Serendipity. I didn’t know you were th-there…More or less…preferably more…” She swallowed hard, glancing back at him.
He winked at her, curling his fingers within her to hit the spot that made her body thrum.
“Oh…Sorry, yeah…We might be over s-sometime...later…right, Cyn?”
Much later,” he purred, pressing his fingers deeper.
“Ah! Yes…Um…yeah…Guess I’m j-just…clumsy today…”
Cynder chuckled, removing his fingers from her body. His hands wandered up her body to her face, slicking her lips with the moisture he’d gathered. “Don’t let them catch on,” he murmured in her ear.
She nodded, licking her lip. “How’s Lizzie doing?”
As her sister answered her, Cynder shifted behind her, leaning against her body. His hands moved to her breasts and he pinched her nipples between his fingers, twisting them forcefully, as he aligned his hips with her ass, teasing her clit with the tip of his erection.
She set her jaw, not responding as best she could. “S-so they’re serious? How cute! Yes! I…I’d love to see them…”
Cynder’s fingers pinched harder, tugging on her sensitive nipples before rolling them. He slid back a little, positioning himself behind her. She pushed back against him impatiently. “Perhaps a few hours…”
“Be still,” he ordered, his hands coming to her hips and gripping tightly so she couldn’t move on her own.
She pouted, trying to concentrate on what her twin was saying. “A little…tied up right now…lots to do…”
Cynder teased her, pulling on her hips, tugging her onto himself, just barely, then shoving her away again.
She groaned, wriggling in frustration. He merely laughed at her, holding her body completely still.
“Fuck you,” she muttered. “No! Not you…sorry, he’s being an ass…”
“Don’t talk bad about me,” he said, bringing his hand down to slap her ass again.
Her body jerked again, nearly causing her to drop the phone. “Nothing really…it was…an exaggeration…G-gotta love them…”
“Mm…How much do you love me?” he asked, stroking her stinging skin.
“You know exactly how much I love you, Cynder Cyan,” she smirked up at him. “I’m trying to talk to my sister…”
“Don’t make me spank you again.” But his hand doled out a hefty wallop. “Then again, you seem to enjoy it.”
She wiggled her butt again. “You know how he gets…So possessive sometimes…”
Cynder leaned down and sunk his teeth into her shoulder to show his displeasure. Then, without warning, he gripped her hips and plunged himself to the hilt inside of her.
She gasped, biting her lip as she was filled with pleasure. He laughed huskily in her ear. “Such a little slut,” he whispered. “I’ve never felt you so wet,” he punctuated the word with a powerful thrust that rocked her body, his hips snapping back and slamming forward, “and ready.” The next thrust was twice as forceful, pushing her body forward slightly.
“Oh, um…right, love you, b-bye…” She dropped the phone, falling forward. “Oh, fuck…So good, Cynder…”
“Isn’t it always?”
“Always…I…oh…more…” she moaned. “Please…”
“More? You want more? I don’t think you’ve earned it.”
“Give me more, dammit…I don’t care what you make me do for it…”
“Patience, love…” He whispered in her ear, licking her skin.
“I’m trying,” she grumbled, her voice breathless. “I love you, Cynder…”
“I love you too, my little Nymph.” With that, he plunged inside her again.
She cried out. “Cyn!”
He chuckled. “You like that, love?”
“Y-you know…how much I l-love that…” She rocked back against him, working to get free of her bonds.
“Really? It doesn’t seem like it.” He gripped her hips tightly in his hands. “If you try to free yourself, I’ll stop.”
“That’s not fair…”
“Life’s not fair, darling.”
“Then you better do it fast…my wrists are cramping…” She grinned up at him.
He sighed, his breath brushing across the back of her neck, and his hands fell away from her hips. Cynder pulled out of her body slowly and moved away. “What did I tell you about patience?”
“Cynder…you can’t do that…I was just joking…”
“Too late. I’m not even horny any more.” With another sigh, he sat down on the couch. “Suppose now’s as good a time as any for you to learn that lesson, dear.” With a smirk, he lifted his legs and placed them on her back, using her as a footrest.
She blew out a frustrated breath, laying her head on the ground. “I’m a lost cause, asshole. Patience has no meaning to me.”
“Hush, dear,” he said, waving his wand. A gag stuffed her mouth, silencing her completely. He picked up the phone from the floor and sat back again, raising it to his ear. “I have to call my mother back.”


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